E-mail is the killer application and protecting the message and the substance of the medium is Solinus's charge.

Solinus is the leader in e-mail protection and hosting products and services. As the only e-mail solutions company with products for individuals, enterprise and the telecom/service provider industry, Solinus is the most trusted e-mail company deployed by customers world-wide.

Products range from e-mail hosting services, online e-mail filtering services to dedicated e-mail filtering appliances and carrier grade message filtering solutions for the telecommunications industry.
E-mail filtering appliances for in-network e-mail protection.
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Business class e-mail hosting with enterprise class features.
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Attendees Mean Business at LinuxWorld - Solinus will be announcing the release of its Linux-powered MailFoundry 4100 anti-spam appliance. With a $3,499 price point, no per-user fees and what the company says is the ability to process over five million messages per day, the company hopes to find both SMB and enterprise customers.
February 11, 2005
Carroll College Relies on Appliance to Fight Spam - Carroll College, a private institution in Waukesha, Wis., services 7,000 e-mail accounts that receive approximately 1 million messages per month. The college's commitment to freedom of expression and to privacy precludes the use of an outside anti-spam service to filter all this mail, as does the cost of such a service, which is why Carroll's IT department chose to go with an appliance-based anti-spam solution.
November 29, 2004
MailFoundry Offered At Big Discount - Solinus is so certain of the superiority of its Human Intelligence-powered anti-spam technology that it has announce that customers of SpamAssassin-based products can now move to the company's MailFoundry appliance solution at a 20 percent discount. Users that swap out their Barracuda Networks appliance or McAfee's SpamKiller will get MailFoundry for $2,399, which is $600 off the regular price.
September 22, 2004
Solinus Announces Upgrade Program for All "SpamAssassin" Customers World-Wide - Current SpamAssassin Customers Can Receive a 20% Rebate When Upgrading to Solinus' Enterprise-Class Solution -- MailFoundry Network Appliance
September 21, 2004
Anti-spam Protection Pays For Itself - Just like viruses, spam has become a fact of life. Companies that choose to fight it get a big return on investment. This article contains nformation regarding a recent IDC study and recommendations for what to look for in a product...
April 19, 2004
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