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September 21, 2004 - Solinus Announces Upgrade Program for All "SpamAssassin" Customers World-Wide

Current SpamAssassin Customers Can Receive a 20% Rebate When Upgrading to Solinus' Enterprise-Class Solution -- MailFoundry Network Appliance

GREEN BAY, WI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- 09/21/2004 -- Solinus, the leading provider of Human Intelligence powered anti-spam solutions, today announced that existing customers of SpamAssassin-based products can now upgrade to a true enterprise-class anti-spam solution and receive a 20% discount when purchasing Solinus' MailFoundry™ Network Appliance. By trading in a commercially available SpamAssassin-based product such as Barracuda Networks and McAfee's SpamKiller, companies, schools or government agencies will pay $2,399 -- a savings of approximately $600 off the regular MailFoundry Network Appliance price.

"We're so confident in our human editing approach that we're willing to offer this substantial rebate to encourage customers to step up to a superior product," said David Troup, CEO of Solinus. "MailFoundry is so effective, easy to use and low cost that there's no longer a reason to put up with the additional administration and false positives that SpamAssassin users have to deal with on a daily basis."

The MailFoundry Network Appliance ensures all legitimate email safely passes through while blocking up to 99% of incoming spam and catching less than 1 in 1 million false positives without end-user intervention. The MessageIQ technology is unique in the utilization and placement of Human Intelligence and represents the optimal combination of high end, accurate spam technology and low-priced, full-automated solutions.

"It's no wonder that SpamAssassin-based products are so popular. Comparable enterprise-class anti-spam systems usually cost upwards of $30,000 while the low end SpamAssassin products are usually just under $5,000. MailFoundry is the first true enterprise-class product available at a cost that all businesses can easily afford. At just under $2,400, there's just no comparison."

Solinus has a dedicated team of engineers analyzing spam 24/7. Therefore, as spammer tricks change to slip by fully automated systems based on "SpamAssassin" open source software, Solinus is able to catch new spam and send out spammer profiles to all MailFoundry network appliances. These updates are sent out every five minutes to ensure that customers have the most protected networks possible. The cost of the MailFoundry network appliance is $2,995 plus annual subscription and can handle 10 to 10,000 mailboxes.

For more details on the trade-in program, please visit To speak to a sales representative call (888) 302-6245 or email us at

About Solinus

Solinus is the leading provider of human intelligence powered anti-spam solutions. The Solinus product lineup includes MailFoundry Network Appliance, the world's most effective email filtering appliance; MailFoundry for Service Providers, a custom email filtering solution for service providers; MailFoundry Online, an online service provider offering email filtering for small and medium-sized businesses; and HostMail, enterprise email hosting with filtering. Solinus is located in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and can be found at


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